The transformation began with a new website designed to be bold, approachable, and easy to maintain across all geographies. The front showcases the personality of the company and potential of a partnership, while the backend and marketing automation integrations made marketing and sales insights more available and granular than ever.
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The new strategy required a new content strategy. Previous marketing efforts were largely local events and physical ad buys. To scale our efforts across countries, we moved to content marketing, creating attractive, useful, on-brand resources to assist and ultimately attract new customers.
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The marketing strategy also included a series of educational seminars around employee communications and engagement, as well as an awards show judged by industry leaders to recognize individuals and companies excelling in the space.
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Upon expanding into the wellbeing space we continued our content creation strategy, conducting our own research and presenting the results as free resources, seminars, and online events.
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As we continued to expand within the HR space, we continued to expand our digital properties, especially to educate and recognize HR professionals around the world.
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